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Takagi Family Documents Digital Library

This is a collection of documents formerly owned by the Hatamoto Takagi family, who were responsible for flood control in The Kiso Three Rivers basin during the Edo period.(Partially Important Cultural Properties.)

Browsing the original document

This is an explanation of how to view the Takagi family documents held at Nagoya University Library. If you would like to view originals held in libraries other than the University Library, please contact the respective holders. 

ReleaseThe Takagi family documents are available for viewing for the purpose of academic research and study. However, those wishing to view the materials must apply in advance and obtain permission.
Available dateEvery Tuesday and Wednesday (not available on public holidays, New Year's holidays, library closed days, or stack sorting days). 
Browsing times9:30am to 4:30pm.
How to applyIf you would like to view the materials, please submit a "Rare Book Viewing Application Form" by mail or email to the address below at least three weeks prior to your desired date. 
Nagoya University Library Information Services Division, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601 Japan 
*If you do not receive a reply by email within 3 days, please let us know as it may not have been received.
Available materialsOnly organized documents can be viewed. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate requests to view historical materials that are in a badly damaged state or that may be damaged when viewed.
As a general rule, the originals of materials whose electronic images are available on the Takagi Family Documents Digital Library cannot be used. If you would like to view the originals of any documents published in the Takagi Family Documents Digital Library, please be sure to include an explanation of the reason for your request. 
For storage reasons, please limit viewing requests to around 20 items at a time. 
PermissionAfter reviewing whether or not your application can be viewed, you will be notified of the result by email or post. If permission to view the documents is granted, please be sure to bring the "Takagi Family Documents Viewing Permit" that was sent to you on the day of viewing. Those without a permit cannot view it. 
NotesWhen using the library, please observe the precautions stated in the "Takagi Family Documents Viewing Permit."
Copying and PhotographingRegarding copying, photography, special use for publishing, broadcasting, posting on the Internet, etc., and lending, please refer to the Nagoya University Library Rare and Semi-Rare Books Handling Standards (excluding electronic images of materials held by the Library that are available on the Internet). Reproduction is limited to photography. 
RemarksPlease follow any other instructions given by staff. 
Application paper(JP) the Nagoya University Library Rare Books / Semi-Rare Books Handling Standards  pdf  
Appendix Form 1  Reading the Rare-book application word pdf   Browse Request List excel pdf  
Appendix Form 2  a special use application word pdf  
Appendix Form 3  Application Form for Loan and Exhibition Permission word pdf  
Appendix Form 4  Loan Agreement word pdf