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Takagi Family Documents Digital Library

This is a collection of documents formerly owned by the Hatamoto Takagi family, who were responsible for flood control in The Kiso Three Rivers basin during the Edo period.(Partially Important Cultural Properties.)

About use

The copyright of this digital library belongs to Nagoya University Library, but the electronic materials posted here are available for general use. Please be sure to read and comply with the following precautions when using the service.

●Please use electronic materials in our collection that have a "Creative Commons"  license in accordance with the license.        
1. When displaying credits, please indicate the name of the "Documents" and the name of the "Original Owner." 
   Example: Takagi Family Documents, Nagoya University Library

2. If you publish image data in an academic book or other publication, we ask that you provide the resulting work to the Nagoya University Library (although there is no obligation to do so). Please note that the results you provide may be made available for viewing as materials in the library.

3. Any use that does not comply with the license notice requires a separate application. The respective application destinations are as follows: 

 ・Owned by Nagoya University Library 

   Information Services Division, Nagoya University Library (TEL:052-789-3684; FAX:052-789-3694) 

 ・Owned by Nagoya University Graduate School of Humanities 

    Library of Humanities, Nagoya University(TEL:052-789-2208)

 ・Owned by Kaizu City 

    Kaizu City History and Folklore Museum(TEL:0584-53-3232)

 ・Owned by Sekigahara Town  History and Folklore Museum 

    Sekigahara Town History and Folklore Museum(TEL:0584-43-2665)

●When using electronic materials that do not have a Creative Commons license, please observe the following:  
1.Reproduction or disclosure of electronic materials without permission is prohibited.         
2.Downloading and copying of electronic materials is permitted only for the purposes of research, education or learning. Secondary use such as duplication, diversion, or sale for commercial purposes is prohibited.        
3.Redistribution of electronic materials is prohibited.         
4.Please refrain from making any substantial changes to electronic materials beyond corrections.         
5.If you wish to use the materials in print media, CD-ROM, VTR, broadcast, etc., you must obtain prior permission from the original owner. The respective application destinations are as follows:                
 ・Owned by Ogaki City       
   Ogaki City Board of Education Cultural Promotion Division (TEL:0584-47-8067)        
 ・Owned by Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culture       
   Okura Institute for the Study of Spiritual Culture Library (TEL:045-834-6636)        
 ・Owned by Nagoyajo-shinkokyokai        
 ・Owned by National Taiwan University Library        
   National Taiwan University Library         
 ・Owned by Hosa Library        
   Hosa Library, City of Nagoya        
 ・Owned by Gifu Prefectural archives      
   Gifu Prefectural archives      
 ・Owned by Koueiji Temple        
   Nagoya University Library Research and Development Office (TEL: 052-789-3697) will act as an intermediary.       
 ・private collection      
   Nagoya University Library Research and Development Office (TEL: 052-789-3697) will act as an intermediary.      

●Other notes 
1.Please do not make unauthorized use of electronic resources or encourage such use. If discovered, legal action may be taken.      
2.Users shall bear all responsibility for any damages arising from the use of these electronic resources.   
3.Links may be made freely as long as they are for the purposes of education, research, and learning, and are not for commercial purposes.       
4.The University Library may restrict the use of electronic resources without prior notice in the event of system maintenance or other disruption to operations. The University Library will not be liable for any damages incurred by users in such cases.        
5.This digital library was created in part with funding from the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) projects "Research on integration and sharing of distributed historical materials centering on Takagi Family Documents" (research project number: 15H03237) and "Research on sophisticated use of flood control documents in the kiso three rivers basin" (research project number: 19H01306).

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