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Takagi Family Documents Digital Library
Nagoya University Library
This is a collection of documents formerly owned by the Hatamoto Takagi family, who were responsible for flood control in The Kiso Three Rivers basin during the Edo period.(Partially Important Cultural Properties.)
Ito Keisuke Collection
Nagoya University Library
The Ito Keisuke Collection belonging to the library attached has a collection of 188 manuscripts by Keisuke Ito, who is called the father of modern Japanese botany.
Digital Library of Western Books
Nagoya University Library
Digital archive of the Western rare books of Nagoya University Library.
Kotenseki Descriptive Database
Nagoya University Library
Databases of old books held by Nagoya University, describing bibliography, additionally contents and comments.
YOSHIZAKI Makoto’s Marine Algae Collection
Nagoya University Museum
This is a standard educational specimen from the Japanese coast.
Ex Libris Collection
Nagoya University Museum
Approximately 400 items from the world collection of bookplates donated by Mr. Naoto Hida of Tokyo.
Chinese New Year Pictures
Nagoya University Museum
The foundation was built on approximately 700 annual paintings in the East Asian Folk Materials Collection donated by Mr. Asami Pan of Nagoya City, supplemented by works from the Kozai region and other areas donated by Mr. Ito Saburo of the same city.
Human Tissue Illustrations
Nagoya University Museum
This is an image of " Human Tissue Illustrations of Nagoya University", a booklet containing 160 of the 435 tissue drawings by Shiro Kido (1938-1969), a technician in the Department of Functional Histology (Second Department of Anatomy) and a painter.
Gifu University Human Anatomy Wall Chart
Academic Archives of Gifu University
These wall charts of human anatomy were essential tools in lectures at Gifu University School of Medicine from 1950 to 1980. Despite their current disuse, they remain undeniably valuable as scientific art.
Wataru Goto Nagara-gawa River Photo Collection
Academic Archives of Gifu University
This photo collection highlights Goto's artistic vision and documents the natural and human activities that have changed around the Nagara River basin over approximately fifty years.
Botanical Specimen Collection of Herbarium GIFU, Faculty of Education, Gifu University
the Herbarium of Gifu University Local History Museum, Faculty of Education
The Herbarium GIFU holds approximately 80,000 specimens, mainly voucher for the “Flora of Gifu, Japan”, which is the result of many years of regional collaborative research conducted by the Department of Science Education (Biology), Gifu University.