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Wataru Goto Nagara-gawa River Photo Collection

Academic Archives of Gifu University

In 2020, Gifu University received a donation of photographic films and digital data from photographer Wataru Goto, containing images taken since 1977. These images showcase the cultures and nature surrounding the Nagara River. The donation includes approximately 35,000 frames of film photographs and about 6,700 digital photographs. These images not only display the artistic value of Goto's work but also document the changes in the cultures of the Nagara River basin over about 50 years, as well as the natural and human activities in the area.

In collaboration with Gifu Prefecture (2020-23), the Gifu University Library Academic Archive Planning and Management Office has initiated an ambitious project. The project involves digitizing photographic films to create a comprehensive and easily accessible digital image database of the Nagara River's climate. As of March 2024, around 8,000 frames of digital images have been successfully digitized and made available, representing a significant accomplishment in this effort.

Key Individuals:

- Planning Director: Professor Kawakubo Nobumitsu, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University

- Digital Image Processing: Tsukahara Kazusa, United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Gifu University

- Cooperation: Gifu Prefecture/Research project aimed at analyzing and clarifying the unique characteristics of the "Nagara River System" (Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University)


・Digital images may not be reproduced for any purpose. Please contact us in advance, even if you wish to make a citation (limited to legitimate use), indicating "Wataru Goto Nagara River Photo Collection" as the source.

・You are free to link to this digital image database for educational, research, and study purposes, as long as you do not do so for profit.  

・Please contact in advance: archcore(at)*Replace (at) with @)