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Digital Library of Western Books

Nagoya University Library

◆About this Collection

This digital archive was created to make the Western rare books of Nagoya University Library more accessible.

We have digitised rare works of global interest and works that should be available to the public, and this will be an on-going process. 


Hobbes Collection. I. II. III

Mizuta Library

◆Use of the Nagoya University Digital Library

(1) Anyone may use the electronic versions of Western rare books that Nagoya University Library has put in its digital library. Please obey the following rules when using these materials:

   a) Downloading and copying of electronic materials is allowed only for research or teaching purposes. Copying, transfer, sale, or other secondary use of these materials for commercial purposes is prohibited.

   b) Redistribution of these electronic materials is prohibited.

   c) Significant modifications to the electronic materials, which exceed the accepted scope of corrections, are prohibited.

   d) Please contact the Nagoya University Library in advance if you want to use these materials in print media, CD-ROMs, video cassettes, or broadcast media. Furthermore, all use must clearly acknowledge that the original materials are the property of the Nagoya University Library.

   e) Please do not misuse or encourage the misuse of these electronic materials. If any such behaviour comes to our attention, we may take legal action.

   f) Users shall bear all responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of these electronic materials.

(2) Some electronic materials may have missing characters or be in poor resolution in order to protect the original text. You may read the original text at Nagoya University Library for any information that is unclear from the images. Additionally, some files exceed 200 megabytes in size. Please be aware that you may have difficulty viewing such files, depending on the quality of your internet connection.

(3) Nagoya University Library may limit the use of electronic materials without warning, owing to reasons such as system maintenance or work issues. The library will not bear responsibility for any damages faced by users in such cases.

(4) Some of this digital content has been created through Japan Society for the Promotion of Science FY2017 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results, research project number 17HP8042).