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Ex Libris Collection

Nagoya University Museum

This collection is part of the Nagoya University Museum's Design Culture Database.
The "Design Culture Database" aims to build a foundation for iconographic research by providing a search function that enables multifaceted comparisons of the allegorical designs expressed in images of folk art works, such as bookplates and traditional Chinese annual paintings owned by the Nagoya University Museum, and the allegorical designs of the images. This material was organized by Mr. Makoto Shimaoka and Ms. Junko Sato, research associates of the Nagoya University Museum.
Approximately 400 items from the world collection of bookplates were donated by Mr. Naoto Hida of Tokyo. The donor, Mr. Hida, is a specialist in acoustic and architectural engineering, and has a connection with Nagoya University, where he designed the acoustics of the Toyota Auditorium. He is also a well-known collector, researcher, and writer of book collection slips. This database allows users to search for images of bookplate images by the name of the artist, nationality, owner (the person who ordered the bookplate), and year of production (if known).

Please visit the Nagoya University Museum website for more information on use.